Sunday, December 14, 2008

Macy with her first Christmas Present (Ellie Marie)
Ellie resting and giving a great big yawn
Ellie in her first outfit but is still pretty tiny and the outfit is still big on her.

Look at those cute skinny legs.

Ellie opened her eyes to see everyone and look around


Sara said...

I was just thinking about you and wondering if you had your baby. I guess I got my answer. I found your blog through Chantell's. She is beautiful. Congrats on the new little one.

Lovey Dovey said...

We were sure tickled that Nate would call and ask us to send the information out about your lovely little angel. It is so fun to be able to share this exciting time with you. She is beautiful. Good work, you two. Love you guys. Aunt Sid

Holly said...

Ellie Marie is so adorable, good job Mom! I'm so glad she is here safe and healthy. Merry Christmas!

Emilee said...

She is so cute!! I am glad that you are posting on your blog. I love to see pictures of your kids. Alysa talks about Macy all of the time. Hope you guys are doing good. My blog is

oh and...

I am sorry that I didn't call you back around Halloween and give you the Chili recipe. It is 2 small cans of kidney Beans to 1 small can of tomato sauce and then about 1 TBS of Chili powder (you can double, triple, etc). I add a can of diced tomatoes too. Don't drain any of the cans. Simmer together for as long as you want. :)