Sunday, December 14, 2008


Danielle, JK and Kendon said...

Ellie sure loves her Binki! I cant wait to see her! She is so cute! Love you guys!

Kim Stringfellow said...

Nate and Becca,

Karen gave me your blogspot address, and I love it!! Very cute pictures. I will try to set one up over Christmas break. A great way to keep in touch!



Small Family said...

Nate & Becca,

Ellie Marie is so dang cute!!!!!!


Aunt ReeRee

Farnsworth Fam said...

She is so ADORABLE! Jesse ran in the room when he heard a baby crying, he wanted to keep watching, he is so concerned about why she might be upset. I am so happy for you guys, (and very jealous of Becca.)
Jesse misses you very much. We all do. Congratulations!

I LOVE that you are blogging!

Farnsworth Fam said...

Okay just one more comment from me...

Carston wants to know when he can see the "real" baby?!?

Farnsworth Fam said...

oh,how cute!!! I believe we should come down sometime to see her. Jordan f.